Weather: 32 degrees  in Am warming to low 40's
Cloud cover most of the day.
Time: Started at 8:45AM fished until 4pm
#of fish landed: 100+ between 2 anglers
Species of fish:  brown trout, cutthroat trout, cut bow trout, rainbow trout
Area fished: from the bend pool downstream about 1/2 mile.
Rigging used:  Indicator-less nymph fishing (most productive), Indicator nymph fishing,
Mid Day dry flies
River Flow: 130
River condition: Excellent uncrowded

The fishing was very good - excellent.  There were a total of 6 anglers on the river
including us.  Starting in the bend pool of the pan.  Fred and I had 2 fish in hand with a
total of 4 casts between us and we knew it would be a special day.  The fish were hot
most of the day with the action intensifying as the weather warmed.  Two large brown
trout were released and a very respectable rainbow left me shaking my head and retying
on new flies.  

Through the day small eggs were very productive.  As odd as it seems we actually
caught 2 brown trout that were still shooting eggs.  Very unusual for Mid Feb.  Small
RS2's and BWO nymphs were also consistent producers.  We also caught a number of
fish on midge patterns but no pattern in particular seemed to stand out over the rest.

Mid day we were treated to a great BWO hatch with some midges mixed in.  The trout
were very willing to slurp dry flies. A #22 sprout midge was the best producer including a
pretty cutthroat trout.

Fishing was good at every location we tried.  Many fish were in the softer currents making
sight fishing incredibly fun and productive.

The average fish was between 12-17 inches with a few larger fish mixed in.  Mostly
brown trout.
Submitted By:  Colorado Trout Hunters Pro Staff
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Frying Pan River
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