Weather: 28 degrees  in AM; warming to mid 30's; sunny.
Time: 9:00 AM  to 1:00 PM
#of fish landed: About 30 between 3 anglers
Species of fish:  brown trout, cutthroat trout, cut bow trout, rainbow trout
Area fished: I-70 upstream to the dam.
Rigging used:  Indicator nymph fishing.
River Flow: 75
River condition: Crowded

Although we did catch quite a few fish, there were an amazing number of anglers fishing
in Silverthorne for a weekday.  The fish were eating small attractor nymphs like micro
worms and eggs.  Some were fooled by midge patterns as well.  #18-20 most

Several good sized fish came to hand on the nymphs, but finding a spot to fish was very
difficult and other anglers were not shy about fishing a rod length away.  At one point
another angler went so far as to stand on the other side of the river and cast at the same
fish we were trying to catch. (We did catch the fish anyway)

When fishing crowded waters, try to respect other anglers.  Possibly even ask them if
they mind before jumping in a run they are fishing.  This makes for an enjoyable
experience for everyone.

The fish looked to be very healthy and beautifully colored.  Although I will not fish the Blue
again anytime soon there were plenty of fish willing to eat a well presented nymph.

Note: Parking lot run-off had muddied the water from behind the outlet malls
downstream by mid-day.
Blue River Fishing Report February
Tailwater rainbow trout from
the Blue River in Colorado.
Snake river cutthroat from the
Blue River fly fishing 1 hour
from Denver.
Denver Fly Fishing Report of The Blue River