Weather: 18 degrees  mid day.  Very windy COLD!!
Time: 11:30 AM  to 1:30 PM
#of fish landed: About 18-20 trout between 2 anglers
Species of fish:  brown trout, rainbow trout
Area fished: Fist 1/4 mile below dam.
Rigging used:  Indicator nymph fishing (due to high wind).
River Flow: ??
River condition: 1 other angler

Very very COLD!  The lower river had a lot of ice and is un-fishable this could change
quickly with a warm up.  The stretch below the dam in Estes Park was ice free and the
fish didn't mind the extreme temps.  The fish were feeding actively under the surface and
a few even were feeding on the surface.  Unfortunately my hands were so cold I didn't
change over to dry flies.  Most fish were in deeper water.

Small red midges were productive, a few trout ate brown midge patterns, small eggs as

All fish were in the 8-14 inch range.

With warmer temps on the way the fishing should get better, but I have heard reports that
this section has been very crowded on nice days.
Report From:
Colorado Trout Hunters Pro Staff-
March Big Thompson fly fishing report
Due to the extreme cold the
only Big Thompson pictures
that were taken were of these
ducks from the car window.
Fly Fishing Report from Big Thompson